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Global STAR program for social good launched


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Hikvision has announced the launch of the Global STAR (Sustainability through Technology, Actions for Responsibility) program for Social Good.

The program aims to partner with non-profit organisations exploring innovative ways to protect valuable nature and culture and benefit communities through Hikvision’s cutting-edge technologies.

The scope of the STAR Program will focus on three areas: biodiversity monitoring and conservation, environmental monitoring and protection and cultural heritage preservation. Through this program, Hikvision is looking for partners such as NGOs, social enterprises, research institutions and other organisations to make a difference in these three areas.

“In two decades, we have transformed Hikvision from a small start-up to a global enterprise,” said Huang Fanghong, Senior Vice President of Hikvision. “We are so glad to see that our products are making a positive societal impact every day around the world not only by safeguarding communities, but also improving commercial efficiency, protecting biodiversity and advancing environmental conservation.

“In the future, we will keep on technology innovation and provide more value for communities and our planet.”

Hikvision recognises its responsibility and has initiated projects for social good across the globe, such as helping protect rhinos from poachers in South Africa, aiding researchers monitoring and analysing the recovery of rescued sea turtles and monitoring the quality of source water with innovative IoT technologies.

To learn more about the STAR Program, please visit:

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