Geutebrück G-Core integration upgraded by ICT to support v6.1


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ICT has recently confirmed that an update is available to its Geutebrück G-Core VMS integration.

When integrated, the Protege GX Geutebrück Video Service provides a sync between Protege GX and the G-Core NVR server. Camera feeds are embedded into fully customisable Protege GX status pages or interactive floor plans, delivering complete oversight of any property.

This integration enables operators to confirm alarms or events in real time and view live and historical video footage without the need to leave the platform. This bi-directional exchange of information enables the communication of PTZ triggers and alarm interfaces back to the NVR for actionable site security.

Alan Johnson, General Manager, Geutebrück Pty Ltd, said: “Aligning with ICT enables us to provide a unified solution for security personnel. A core value at Geutebrück is intuitive usability, which I am happy to report continues with this update.”

Temperature and humidity notification and detection events are now actionable within Protege GX alongside an associated/linked camera, allowing operators to monitor or customise alarms based on the end user requirements.

Sensor audio alarms are now also manageable as events within the system to strengthen the monitoring capabilities of operators.

This upgrade continues to support License Plate Recognition (LPR) via a Geutebrück server-based and/or camera based LPR algorithm, enabling Protege GX to detect and assign license plate credentials to users for access control such as gate entry.

Richard Hawker, Chief Revenue Officer, ICT added: “Geutebrück offers a great solution, we’re delighted to be able to extend our support to v6.1 of G-Core and look forward to implementing future improvements.”

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