The GEO Group issue statement after suffering ransomware attack on personal inmate and resident information


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The GEO Group have issued an official statement on their company website that announced they had begun the process of notifying individuals affected by a ransomware attack that was discovered in August.

The group – who invest in private prisons throughout North America and the UK – have begun these investigations as required by applicable state and federal law.

The ransomware attack affected server-stored, personal information of some inmates and residents at the South Bay Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility, Florida. The attack also impacted information of those at a youth facility in Pennsylvania and a closed facility in California.

Fortunately, GEO does not believe that the attack will have any serious impact on the company and were apologetic towards those affected.

As stated on their company website: ‘At this time, the Company is not aware of any fraud or misuse of information as a result of this incident.’

‘Upon discovery on August 19, 2020, GEO promptly launched an investigation, engaged industry-leading cybersecurity firms to respond to the incident, and notified its customers and law enforcement. GEO implemented several containment and remediation measures to address the incident, restore its systems and reinforce the security of its networks and information technology systems.’

‘The Company recovered its critical operating data and, based on its assessment and on the information currently known and obtained through the investigation, the Company does not believe the incident will have a material impact on its business, operations or financial results.’

‘We regret any inconvenience that this incident has caused and will provide updates on any additional relevant information as appropriate. We thank our stakeholders for their continued trust in The GEO Group and have set up a hotline to provide further information (855) 414-6050.’

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