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Major recognition for Genetec in new Omdia report


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According to a recent report from Omdia, Genetec has been recognised as the fastest-growing access control software provider in the world for the second year in a row.

The report shows Genetec taking market share and strengthening its position globally. Regionally, Genetec experienced the most organic growth in the Americas and was the fastest-growing software provider in EMEA.

Traditionally dominated by proprietary solutions with slow innovation cycles, the access control industry provided few options for IT and cybersecurity conscious customers. Modern enterprises of all sizes are now looking to migrate to unified, open-architecture and secure access control solutions that allow them to choose hardware that best suits their needs. This has, in large part, fuelled the rapid market share gains of Genetec.

“While traditional, proprietary access control vendors were hard hit the last couple of years, Genetec grew by almost 20% globally, gaining ground in both the Americas region and in EMEA,” said Bryan Montany, Physical Security Analyst, Omdia.

Genetec credits its growth to the continual innovation of its unified security platform, Security Center, where access control functions go beyond locking and unlocking doors and address non-traditional applications such as enclosure management. Genetec unified solutions are designed to reveal new insights that help organisations better understand their business and operations and provide customers with a measurable return on their investment.

“At a time when many traditional access control vendors are trying to maintain market share through mergers and acquisitions, Genetec is growing its access control business organically by focusing on innovative, non-proprietary and cybersecure solutions that meet the needs of forward-thinking organizations, while laying the foundation for their future growth,” added Guy Chenard, Chief Commercial Officer, Genetec Inc.

For more information about Genetec access control solutions, please go to: https://www.genetec.com

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