Genetec AutoVu Cloudrunner boosts Fort Lee PD investigations

Genetec AutoVu Cloudrunner

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Fort Lee Police Department (US) has upgraded its automatic licence plate recognition technology (ALPR) by utilising Genetec’s AutoVu Cloudrunner vehicle-centric investigative system.

The Fort Lee Police Department sought to expedite investigations and enhance access to vehicle information, addressing traffic congestion and transient crime with the solar-powered, subscription-based ALPR solution.

“Edge-based intelligence and search capabilities”

Thomas Porto, Department Lieutenant, Fort Lee Police: “AutoVu Cloudrunner has incredible edge-based intelligence and search capabilities.”

“When we’re looking for a vehicle, the search is wicked fast and being able to narrow down searches by make, model, colour and time frame helps us speed up our investigation.”

Genetec‘s AutoVu Cloud runner edge-based intelligence accelerates investigations, providing Fort Lee PD with swift and accurate searches based on vehicle characteristics, significantly speeding up case resolution.

Lieutenant Thomas Porto shared a recent case where the department received a 911 call late at night from a housing facility who observed suspicious individuals in a vehicle on the property.

Tapping the AutoVu Cloudrunner camera in the area, the PD was able to use the time frame, location and vehicle description to match the license plate info, which identified it as stolen.

Porto expressed: “This is such a game-changer.”

Solar-powered and plug-and-play complete, AutoVu Cloudrunner proves easy to deploy for the Fort Lee PD, with Genetec‘s support, streamlining the implementation process.

Advanced technology to do more with less

Porto concluded: “The audit features of AutoVu Cloudrunner also help cut down investigative time and resources.”

“With our previous system, we’d need to re-enter the case number and other information for every single search.

“That was cumbersome and slowed our investigative work. AutoVu Cloudrunner eliminates all of that.”


Genetec revolutionises security with its open-architecture platform, security Centre, providing integrated solutions for video surveillance, access control, ALPR and analytics globally since 1997.

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