Key findings in new Genetec cybersecurity research

cybersecurity research

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Cybersecurity remains a key concern for physical security experts, according to research from Genetec.

The company’s findings suggest that, while organisations are putting in place processes to protect themselves, the level of concern about potential cyber-threats continues to increase.

New cybersecurity research

The new cybersecurity research is based on insights from over 5,500 physical security leaders from around the world.

According to technology company Genetec, 31% of end user respondents indicated that their organisation was targeted by cyber threat actors in 2023.

73% of respondents in the intelligence and national security sector and 46% in the banking and finance sector said they were the victims of cyber-attacks.

This is in comparison to 21% in the retail sector.

“Growing awareness”

“It is reassuring to see growing awareness of the cybersecurity of physical security systems,” commented Mathieu Chevalier, Principal Security Architect, Genetec.

“As more organisations look to implement enhanced cybersecurity measures, they need to look for manufacturers who are committed to cybersecurity and building tools that help them streamline the maintenance and updates of their systems.”

Genetec Inc. surveyed physical security professionals from 21 August to 15 September 2023.

Following a review of submissions, 5,554 respondents were included in the sample for analysis. A full State of Physical Security report will be issued in November 2023.

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