Genetec unveils AutoVu Plate Finder for mobile devices

Genetec AutoVu Plate Finder

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Genetec has announced the availability of AutoVu Plate Finder.

The new feature enables parking operators and law enforcement professionals to identify and validate licence plate numbers directly from Apple or Android mobile devices.

AutoVu Plate Finder

According to Genetec, the AutoVu Plate Finder feature increases efficiency by reducing the time spent manually checking difficult to read or obstructed licence plates.

For example, vehicles with rear-facing license plates backed into parking spots can’t easily be read by vehicle-based ALPR systems.

Plate Finder enables law enforcement professionals to take a picture of the plate from their phone.

Once the image is captured, the information is encrypted and securely sent to the cloud-based AutoVu Managed Services ALPR system.

“Cutting-edge ALPR technology”

“Validating license plates against parking regulations and law enforcement hotlists in bustling downtown areas or crowded parking garages can pose significant challenges for officers,” commented Michael Bradner, AutoVu Product Line Manager, Genetec.

“With the AutoVu Plate Finder, users can now access cutting-edge ALPR technology anytime, from anywhere with a cellular data connection.”

AutoVu Plate Finder is available immediately through Genetec Mobile to new or existing AutoVu Managed Services (AMS) customers in the US and Canada.

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