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Genetec enhances its Advantage comprehensive maintenance program with new privacy features


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Genetec Inc. has announced the addition of privacy and performance monitoring features to its premium maintenance program, Genetec Advantage.

In addition to software upgrades, premium support and system monitoring, Genetec Advantage now includes licenses of KiwiVision Privacy Protector  and KiwiVision Camera Integrity Monitor for all new and existing Genetec Advantage subscribers*.

To meet the public’s growing expectations of privacy and to comply with global regulations, the KiwiVision Privacy Protector automatically obscures individuals’ faces caught within a camera’s field of view, so security operators only see what they need to see. Being able to access unobscured footage requires an additional layer of access permissions that is only used when an event warrants an investigation. An audit trail is then maintained that shows who accessed the additional information and why.

With the addition of KiwiVision Camera Integrity Monitor, customers can make sure that their cameras are operational and efficient at all times. The Camera Integrity Monitor notifies operators when a camera may have been tampered with, if there is a decrease in quality, or if there are abrupt changes in the position of the camera due to environmental or human causes. This is especially useful in large systems involving hundreds or thousands of cameras where it is nearly impossible to manually check each camera’s image and field of view.

“As physical security systems become increasingly complex, it is critical to know that these systems are up to date, performing as they should and integrating the latest privacy and performance features,” said Julie Gauthier, Director of Global Operations and Technical Support at Genetec. “Genetec Advantage is the best way to get the most out of your Genetec solution and ensure your system is at peak performance. By providing licenses* of KiwiVision Privacy Protector and Camera Integrity Monitor we’re adding tools to help our customers maintain the integrity of their system and protect the privacy of individuals within view of surveillance cameras, without sacrificing security.”

For more information about the Genetec Advantage program, please visit

*The number of included licenses of KiwiVision Privacy Protector and Camera Integrity Monitor is based on the size of the deployment. Please contact your Advantage sales representative for more details.

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