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Genesis TCP/IP Bridge unveiled by Luminite


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Luminite’s new Genesis TCP/IP Bridge connects products that use the UHF network, such as Genesis PIR detectors, to the internet using the widely utilised Telnet protocol – this allows the system to be remotely monitored.

The bridge can connect to third party platforms via the SMTP protocol and is compatible with Immix, Sentinel and Webeye ARC monitoring platforms.

The IP bridge is powered either by 5 volts DC or via ethernet (PoE). It can be configured quickly over Bluetooth using a mobile smartphone, allowing users to obtain the IP address, set up the site and subnet, manage integrations and connect the bridge to the local Wi-Fi network.

The IP bridge has a wireless range of up to 1km line of sight, which can be extended using an AE434 aerial to assist when dealing with difficult sites.

Up to 64 PIR detectors can be programmed to transmit events to one IP bridge and software updates can be administered remotely.

The IP bridge is IP66 weather rated and is suitable for outdoor use.

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