Genasys to provide state-of-the-art equipment for Middle East port


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Genasys Inc., a global provider of critical communications solutions, has announced US$1.5 million in international naval and port security orders.

A naval port in the Middle East ordered remotely operated LRAD 950RXL acoustic hailing devices (“AHDs”) and Genasys hardware and software mass notification systems. The LRAD 950RXLs will be used for port protection applications and the Genasys systems will provide port-wide communication and emergency mass notification.

In a follow-on order, additional LRAD 950RXL systems were purchased for the frigates of a European naval fleet.

A Southeastern European country placed its first LRAD 450XL systems order. The AHDs will be mounted on Coast Guard vessels and used in border and territorial water control applications. Further orders from the country are anticipated.

“LRAD systems deliver essential communication and scalable escalation of force capabilities for 26 international naval forces,” said Richard S. Danforth, Chief Executive Officer of Genasys Inc. “LRAD systems provide naval ports and ships more time and distance to determine intent and distinguish between intruders, terrorist threats, refugees, fishing boats or commercial vessels and respond appropriately and effectively.”

Featuring an integrated HD camera, a high-intensity, 12 million candlepower searchlight (optional) and a robust, IP-addressable full pan and tilt drive for precise aiming and tracking, the LRAD 950RXL is controlled remotely across an IP network enabling system operators to create a fully functional, unmanned perimeter communication and security solution.

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