New GardaWorld HQ deploys integrated security solutions from Gallagher

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A major integrated physical security, cash and risk management business has partnered with a global manufacturer to secure its new headquarters.

When looking to secure its Montreal HQ, GardaWorld wanted to collaborate with a leading business capable of integrating state-of-the-art solutions.

Gallagher was highlighted as the ideal partner to provide a suite of integrated security solutions.

Integrated security solutions from Gallagher

Cutting-edge technology was top of the agenda for GardaWorld’s new HQ.

According to Gallagher, it was seen as a partner capable of delivering innovative integrated security solutions, utilising leading technologies of today and tomorrow.

“That’s when I turned to Gallagher,” explained Frederic Kustcher, Electronic Security System Administrator and Technician, GardaWorld. 

“GardaWorld has created a high tech building that showcases innovation and working closely together, we’ve been able to provide a seamless security experience, prioritising safety and convenience for their staff and visitors,” explained Nour Muqatash, Technical Business Development Manager, Gallagher.

Access control via facial recognition was at the top of the company’s wish list: Gallagher’s integration with IDEMIA’s VisionPass played a crucial role in enabling this.

This integrated security solution, plus many more, now allows GardaWorld’s staff to move freely throughout the headquarters using facial recognition and other biometric technologies.

Gallagher’s integration with Nedap also provided a hassle-free access solution for GardaWorld’s underground garage.

In addition, GardaWorld utilised Gallagher’s visitor management tools as it looked to prioritise enhancing visitor experiences while maintaining tight security control.

Unwavering support and partnership

Gallagher’s partnership ensured that installation times were met.

The global manufacturer develops its own products, thus minimising disruption to the project and solidifying its ability to support GardaWorld throughout the course of the project.

“Even now that construction is finished, when I need something, I receive my order within a few days,” added Kustcher.

“It’s a nice feature of working with Gallagher […] I’m going to continue going with [them].

“The system is smooth – flawless even – and when I have an issue, it’s corrected right away.

“What more could we ask for?” 

Looking ahead, Gallagher is confident that, as a dedicated partner to GardaWorld, it can help the company with future projects across multiple sites, proving integrated security where it is needed.

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