Gallagher simplifies lives with latest Command Centre software release

Command Centre

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The latest version of Gallagher’s site management software, Command Centre v8.20 has hit the market. Command Centre is a powerful software solution that offers complete site control from one central platform.

Command Centre v8.20 simplifies people’s lives with improved functionality and new features, including streamlined car park management, mobile evacuation, enhanced site plan functionality and improved locker management.

“We pride ourselves on keeping our customers up-to-date with the latest security technologies,” says Steve Bell, Chief Technology Officer at Gallagher. “We’re excited to release the latest version of Command Centre, which is set to make our customers’ lives simpler and safer.”

This release addresses a major pain point for both employees and employers – car parking. Gallagher’s car park management solution provides simplified access management for buildings and car parks from one system. The car park management solution guarantees parks for those who need them and maximises car park occupancy with the ability to view and report on car park usage.

Utilising Gallagher T20 readers and the Gallagher Mobile Connect app, the car parking experience becomes a simple, hassle-free experience for staff and visitors. Upon arrival, drivers are informed of which car park they’ve been allocated via the screen on the T20. With the Mobile Connect app, users don’t even need to wind down their car window to enter or exit the car park, as there’s no need to badge a card at the reader.

The v8.20 release introduces an impressive new feature – mobile evacuation. Staff can move cardholders into access zones quickly and easily from a mobile device, ensuring evacuations are accurate, reliable, compliant and that everyone on site is accounted for.

With the enhanced site plan functionality, operators can easily pan and zoom around a site and drill down through building levels without having to search or open different site plans.

Gallagher has further developed their locker management solution with additional features, allowing cardholders with multiple lockers to choose which locker to open. Operators can send advance expiry notifications to users and can view whether a locker is allocated or not in a site plan or status tile.

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