Gallagher Security unveils industry report for 2024

Gallagher Security Industry 2024

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Global manufacturer, Gallagher Security, has shared insights from its inaugural Security Industry Trends Report, providing a comprehensive overview of the anticipated shifts in the security landscape for 2024.

Following a tumultuous year marked by supply chain disruptions, labour market shifts and global financial uncertainty, Gallagher’s report predicts a defining trend in 2024 – accelerated transition from basic defences to innovative solutions, driven by current global challenges.

Mark Junge, Chief Executive, Gallagher Security states: “The security industry has been moving toward digital change for years and 2024 will be a year of escalating transition, spurred by lingering aftershocks from the pandemic, such as increases in theft, skills shortages and supply chain disruptions.”

Key takeaways from Gallagher’s report

  • Cybersecurity Impact on Budgets: Understanding the influence of cybersecurity on budget allocations and expenditures in 2024.
  • Prioritised Integrations: Identifying the key integrations that end users are prioritising for enhanced security measures.
  • Staffing and Skills Shortages: Examining how businesses are addressing challenges related to staffing and skills shortages.
  • Cloud Deployment Disparities: Analysing the discord between end users and channel partners regarding cloud deployment in security solutions.
  • Changing Landscape of Data Reporting: Exploring the ways in which data reporting is reshaping how businesses utilise security systems.

Gallagher’s Security Industry Trends Report not only outlines the concerns of end users, channel partners and consultants for 2024 but also provides expert insights into the implications of these trends for the future of the security industry.

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