Gallagher protects customers with COVID-19 contact tracing software feature

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Gallagher’s latest innovative development, the Proximity and Contact Tracing Report, is supporting organisations with fast and efficient contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global security technology manufacturer developed the software feature to support organisations with protecting the health and safety of staff while on site.

Utilising Gallagher Command Centre’s powerful reporting capability, the Proximity and Contact Tracing Report enables businesses to quickly and accurately identify areas where an employee with either confirmed or suspected COVID-19 has been on site. It also identifies other cardholders who have shared these areas within the exposure timeframe. Having this information gives businesses the critical insight required to act swiftly and keep people safe.

“We are constantly working to reimagine the way we keep people, their assets and the spaces they value, safe,” says Rachel Kelly, Chief Product Officer of Enterprise Solutions at Gallagher. “In this situation, we were driven to help protect our customers’ wellbeing during this time. As businesses around the world work to recover from the impact of COVID-19, this report gives organisations the confidence they need to react quickly and mitigate risk with any exposure on site.”

Gallagher has been supporting customers with several projects during the COVID-19 health crisis. “Security solutions play a vital role in ensuring the health and safety of staff,” says Kelly. “From setting zone limits to ensure social distancing, to modifying readers to offer contactless access control, we’re working to ensure our customers continue to leverage off our feature-rich and innovative security ecosystem – from small businesses through to the world’s most secure facilities.”

Gallagher’s Proximity and Contact Tracing Report is available now, free of charge, to all Gallagher customers with a valid Command Centre license.

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