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Gallagher predicts customer to drive access control innovations in 2023

Gallagher and access control

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Global security manufacturer Gallagher has predicted that the global market will remain difficult for businesses throughout 2023 but believes that a customer-centric strategy will help the company to innovate its way to delivering outstanding value to customers, despite a challenging economy.

Speaking about Gallagher’s strategy, Chief Architect of Gallagher Security, Andrew Scothern said: “As a company, we strongly believe that championing the customer will drive access control innovations. Our long-term plan is to deliver a fully cloud-based enterprise solution and we feel it’s important to work closely with customers as they make the transition to an enhanced security software ecosystem.

“We believe security technology players need to take the customer on the journey of product development in order to truly meet their complex access control needs. Therefore, at Gallagher Security, we’ll be focused on upgrading and maintaining systems using a hybrid approach of both on-premise and cloud-based systems.”

According to the company, key to its customer-centric approach is recognising that customers want choice, which means ensuring the company never takes away the option for customers to be able to host their access control software themselves.

In addition, Gallagher aims to provide compelling value through a series of flexible, scalable cloud-based services – for those that are comfortable taking that step.

“Along with choice, customers also want ease of deployment with a rich set of integration points,” Scothern explained.

“The commitment to building rich Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and integration points ensures that customers can extend the site management software ecosystem in ways that suit the way they work and ensures Gallagher builds a comprehensive collection of partners to meet the complex needs that customers have.”

Source of truth

Gallagher says that it has been able to recognise the developing trend of access control products being used as a source of truth for information in customers’ wider processes and ecosystems.

“With more focus on health and safety and knowing how building spaces are being utilised, the importance of having first-class integrations to get information in and out of the access control system is becoming increasingly important,” said Scothern.  

“This is another reason why our ongoing investment into our integration capabilities is so crucial to being able to evolve with our customers, design for limitless scale for growing organisations and regularly deliver value.”

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