Gallagher empowers customers to easily manage vaccine mandates with new enhancement


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Gallagher is helping customers keep pace with the ever-changing COVID-19 requirements in New Zealand with the launch of its My Vaccine Pass enhancement, which enables customers to link a user’s My Vaccine Pass status and expiry to their access credential with helpful workflow notifications to users and their managers.

“Since its release in November, the My Vaccine Pass has become an integral part of daily life, just like carrying a driver’s licence, scanning in at the supermarket and wearing a mask,” says Brad Small, Gallagher’s Regional Sales Manager for New Zealand and The Pacific Islands. “So, it’s no surprise that we’ve had more than 50 prominent businesses enquire about a My Vaccine Pass enhancement with our Command Centre Mobile in recent months.

“With many businesses now mandating that all employees and/or visitors are vaccinated before allowing entry on site, customers asked us for an easy way to streamline vaccination status with their access control system.”

While many customers were already using Gallagher’s Competencies to ensure only fully vaccinated people are granted access to a site, Gallagher explored other solutions to authenticate this process and help customers streamline vaccine pass management.

Operationally, customers scan the New Zealand Government issued My Vaccine Pass QR code into the Gallagher Command Centre Mobile App using the camera on the mobile device. Gallagher’s Command Centre software will validate the pass and add the expiry date as a competency for that user’s profile. Access will be granted until the My Vaccine Passexpires, at which point access to configured areas can be removed. Leading up to the removal of the user’s access, Gallagher can send SMS and email notifications to the individual and their manager to remind the user to get their booster vaccine before it impacts their ability to work.

“Through being agile in response to the needs of our customers, we’ve come up with a straightforward way that businesses can ensure they remain compliant with vaccine mandates and health and safety precautions to keep their staff and site safe,” says Brad.

When asked how this enhancement will add value to customers, Justin Fisher, General Manager of Gallagher Certified Channel Partner, Watchu Security said: “Like all products coming from Gallagher you know it will work, as the R&D is solid. With something as important as the security of health during the COVID-19 pandemic, the new Gallagher My Vaccine Pass enhancement will be a great asset and relief to our clients, along with ourselves, as we merge this new control into our everyday lives.”

Gallagher’s My Vaccine Pass enhancement is just one example of how Gallagher is committed to meeting the evolving needs of customers and working together to ensure customers are positioned to move securely into the future. With the Proximity and Contact Tracing Report being another example – Gallagher customers can use the Report to help identify cardholders who have shared an area simultaneously with a cardholder who has tested positive for COVID-19.

“We know that the safety of people is now at the forefront of business considerations more than ever before, so we’re continually innovating to help our customers navigate these uncertain times through maximising their Gallagher security solution,” concludes Brad.

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