Gallagher develops software feature to support businesses with COVID-19 contact tracing

contact tracing

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Global security technology manufacturer, Gallagher, has announced the development of a software feature that will support organisations with COVID-19 contact tracing. The innovative Proximity and Contact Tracing Report utilises Gallagher Command Centre’s powerful reporting capability to identify the onsite movements of specific individuals. It will enable businesses to swiftly and accurately identify the areas or zones where an employee with either confirmed or suspected COVID-19 has been on site. The tool is also designed to identify which other employees have been in those areas or zones during a specific period and may therefore have come into contact with the virus.

“At Gallagher, we consider it essential to focus our research, design and development teams on the most pressing needs in cyber and physical security. Currently, supporting COVID-19 elimination is a huge priority,” said Rachel Kelly, Chief Product Officer of Enterprise Solutions at Gallagher. “In a health crisis like this, accurate and timely information is paramount – that is what this new software feature will give to businesses.”

Utilising online platforms to collaborate during lockdown, the Gallagher team are in a rapid-development and testing phase to ensure delivery as early as possible. It comes at a time when contact tracing is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, following New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern’s message that tracing will be a critical part of the “new-normal”.

Gallagher’s new Proximity and Contact Tracing Report is one of a number of projects that the team are working on to support customers during COVID-19. As a manufacturer of critical security technology, Gallagher’s security division is an essential service provider in New Zealand and continues to manufacture and deliver key products during this time. So too does Gallagher’s Animal Management division, which provides essential technology for the agricultural industry.

“Now, more than ever, it’s vital for businesses to be innovative and agile. We’re incredibly proud of the work our teams are doing during this crisis,” said Kelly.

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