G4S powers security for Aggreko in Bangladesh 


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Since 2018, G4S has worked with Aggreko Bangladesh, the world leader in mobile and modular energy solutions, temporary power, heating, cooling and dehumidification equipment. 

Aggreko operates two power plants in Bangladesh that provide emergency national grid energy supply. G4S provides an innovative integrated security solution at the 100MW, 14-acre plant in Bramhangaon and the 100MW, 11-acre facility at Aourahati, both in the Keraniganj sub-district of the city on the outskirts of the capital, Dhaka.

First of its kind

“This was the first RFP of its kind in Bangladesh for us and by taking a risk-based approach it allowed us to come up with an original solution,” said Md Mohiuddin, Assistant Vice President of Sales for G4S in Bangladesh. “Aggreko wanted to reduce the likelihood of theft and unauthorised incursions at the sites and by assessing the potential risks, we came up with a smart and effective solution which has had a positive impact.”

At both sites the perimeter is made up of high fencing, with site wide video monitoring points. The footage is viewed and checked at the central control room located inside the plants by G4S security professionals and issues and incidents are identified immediately. Aggreko is also able to access and view the footage from Aggreko’s head office in Dhaka, in real-time.

Across each site, G4S security professionals patrol the compounds and record guard tours and proof of presence using the Secure360 application on handheld, mobile devices. 

Control room monitoring

“As well as our physical security measures, the installation of video monitoring at the sites has allowed our security professionals to monitor the plant effectively,” said Mohiuddin. “This allows us to ensure that visitors to the plants are taking the agreed path and that we have clear oversight of the overall security.”

Whenever there is an incident Aggreko management is alerted. A report and any additional information can be notified by email and is followed up by G4S until it is resolved. G4S communicates regularly with the customer, so that they are aware of how the team has responded to a situation.

“Our security solution allows G4S and Aggreko to monitor perimeter security, preventing unauthorised entrance to the sites,” said Mohiuddin. “What we have provided is a very secure system. The rate of incidents has been significantly reduced and the sites are very secure.”

Training and learning

Periodically, refresher training sessions are conducted on site to ensure that site specific subjects related to security are well understood and are current and relevant. The session is also used to go over lessons learned from any specific security incidents that have taken place, to inform and equip security professionals with the right information. 

G4S took action during the pandemic to safeguard its security personnel and customers, with safety protocols in place across the sites. Classroom sessions were conducted on COVID-19 infection preventive measures, security personnel were supplied with the appropriate personal protective equipment.

“G4S have been our trusted partners at both sites in Keranighanj since 2018.” said Steve Ward, Regional Security Manager for Aggreko and have been key in securing the facilities. “The G4S team have taken time to build a truly collaborative relationship with our local team.” 


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