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G4S Belgium launches escape room recruitment concept


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Across the world, G4S has always been innovative when faced with a challenge. In Belgium this is no different. With a number of vacant roles and a competitive recruitment market, the G4S team has devised a recruitment campaign based on a current global craze.

The attendance at escape rooms across the world has been a growing trend over a number of years and is expected to continue according to Verified Market Research. Its popularity with families and friends at solving skills, puzzles and a mix of cognitive and physical challenges has made it the ideal recruitment concept for colleagues at G4S Belgium.

Launching in March in Antwerp, G4S Belgium is opening ‘Mission: Invisible’ – an escape room created in the training centre of G4S’s Safety Solutions division. Operating for a few days, its aim is to recruit candidates for the 450 security officer and technician roles available throughout the country. 

“G4S is no different from many of the other companies around the world who have been affected by the current labour shortages,” said Evelien Vandersmissen, HR Business Partner, G4S Belgium. “However, I’m almost certain we are the only company looking to recruit a dedicated workforce by setting up our own Escape Room.

“We wanted to create an immersive experience that allowed candidates to understand first hand what the role of a security officer or technician at G4S might entail. They also need to be able to understand how criminals or threat actors might try and breach security measures.”

Since the launch of the ‘Mission: Invisible’ website on 23 February – nearly 18,500 people have visited it, some repeatedly and over 200 have also progressed to view the roles advertised on the G4S careers page.

Each applicant is given 30 minutes to complete the 11 challenges set up in ‘Mission: Invisible’. If the applicant can complete all 11 challenges within the time without being detected, setting off an alarm or being seen on surveillance equipment, they win an informal interview with a HR representative from G4S. This informal interview begins the recruitment process to join G4S – including formal interviews and assessments.

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