G42 strengthens partnership with Microsoft


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G42 and Microsoft have announced the next chapter in their strategic partnership.

The two companies have made plans to heighten the availability of sovereign cloud offerings whilst working to deliver advanced AI capabilities.

They will also focus on expanding existing data centre infrastructure in the UAE.

A valuable partnership

Microsoft’s sovereign cloud offering enables public sector/regulated industries in the UAE to utilise new capabilities to secure sensitive data.

Moreover, this provides them with access to new cloud and AI features available on Azure public cloud.

This helps users comply with local privacy and regulatory requirements.

According to G42, its knowledge of UAE sovereignty requirements and technical capabilities is central to customising offerings; this helps to address specific customer needs.

HE Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security, UAE Government praised the partnership.

“A holistic ecosystem”

Peng Xiao, Group CEO, G42 said: “This strategic collaboration with Microsoft isn’t just about technology; it’s about creating a holistic ecosystem for societal resilience and growth.

“By combining our respective expertise and shared forward-thinking approach, we aim to not only transform industries but also create positive economic opportunities and lasting impacts on the wellbeing of individuals, communities and society as a whole.”

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