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ISJ Exclusive: Keeping pace with future security needs


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Eng. Col. Arif Al Janahi, Head of Security Engineering Dept., SIRA discusses technologies and artificial intelligence in the private security sector.

The Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) is keen to enhance its role in developing the private security sector in the Emirate of Dubai to be more professional and keep pace with future security needs and achieve the aspirations of the government, in addition to attracting the best international expertise, qualifying citizen expertise in this sector and applying best practices in protecting and safeguarding the society.

The Security Industry Regulatory Agency is working on developing its electronic systems to provide its services to the sector quickly and smoothly, taking advantage of the technical development over the past years.

This sector is also witnessing rapid growth during the last decade due to the challenges facing countries. At the present time, the sector is working on harnessing modern technologies and artificial intelligence to improve the level of services provided, which is witnessing an increase in the demand for developing technologies at the level of personal data security.

At the beginning of next year, the Agency will present its innovative idea, which is the digital card for security personnel that cannot be forged, as it will be protected electronically and is an alternative to the traditional card.

This comes out of the Agency’s keenness to preserve and sustain natural resources, in addition to reducing the crimes of forgery of the traditional card.

The Agency continues to work with its strategic partners in innovation and development of technologies that ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data. Whereas in the coming years, the dependence on the human element will be gradually reduced and smart technologies will be developed and harnessed to secure property and data.

There is also an acceleration in the development of analysis mechanisms using artificial intelligence in the private security sector along with qualification of the human cadres specialised in the security field.

The Agency has participated in several local, regional and international exhibitions and conferences, in order to see the best practices and innovative technical solutions as well as to share the Foundation’s experiences in the sector and its development initiatives in the field with various government and private agencies worldwide.

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