Frankfurt Airport deploys scanner solution from Leidos


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Leidos’ ClearScan computed tomography (CT) scanner has been deployed at Germany’s Frankfurt Airport (FRA).

The CT scanner – which is a key component of the new security lane under transition in Terminal 1, Concourse A – incorporates advanced explosives detection algorithms that eliminate the need for passengers to divest approved electronics and liquids from baggage.

This ultimately results in less time per passenger at the checkpoint, something extremely beneficial today given the long queues and staff shortages that are continuing to impact airports across the globe as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The work at the terminal is being performed under the leadership of Fraport.

Brad Buswell, Senior Vice President and Operations Manager, Leidos commented: “We are thrilled to support Fraport and bring the latest technologies to Germany’s largest aviation gateway.

“The company’s security enterprise solutions operation works diligently with our partners and customers to deliver real solutions that enable safe and efficient passenger movement.

“We’re excited to see these innovations expand and support Germany’s work safeguarding passengers.”

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