Fortinet expands security services offerings to protect digital infrastructures

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Fortinet has announced an expansion to its FortiCare and FortiGuard security services offerings, adding a new security service called FortiTrust. FortiTrust security services offer user-based licensing across all networks, endpoints and clouds, which traditionally have been siloed. Initial service levels are being offered for zero trust network access (ZTNA) and identity verification, with more offerings forthcoming.

John Maddison, EVP of Products and CMO at Fortinet said: “As the digital attack surface expands with billions of edges that need to be protected, organisations are struggling to support an array of point security solutions and disparate services. Solution and services sprawl has now grown too difficult and too expensive to manage when they are siloed across various form factors. According to Gartner, organisations are moving towards security solutions with integrated services offerings. Fortinet is redefining services by expanding its security services options – which currently include FortiCare and FortiGuard – with FortiTrust, enabling a unified offering with one licensing model for flexible consumption options across networks, endpoints and clouds.”

Redefining the future of security services with FortiTrust

FortiTrust provides security services that follow the user across an organisation’s entire security platform, enabling organisations to easily manage and secure across all form factors. Other benefits of the new offering include:

  • Flexible user-based licensing of security services, eliminating the need to track device counts or bandwidth consumption and making it easy to calculate total cost with built in volume discounts  
  • Integrated single license for security services delivers desired use cases across the Fortinet Security Fabric
  • Easy implementation of new security services allows users to transition across various form factors, enabling organisations with hybrid architectures to shift from on-premises to cloud-delivered security
  • Easy options to upgrade and migrate between services

Fortinet’s expanding security services portfolio

FortiTrust adds to Fortinet’s existing FortiCare and FortiGuard security services portfolio. FortiCare services are available for all Fortinet Security Fabric products. FortiCare offers three levels of services, including Essential, Premium and Elite, all providing 24×7 technical support and timely issue resolution. FortiCare also offers several product and account-based services options to address the unique needs of any organisation. Through FortiCare, organisations have access to Fortinet experts to help accelerate technology implementation, provide reliable assistance through advanced support and offer proactive care to maximise security and performance of Fortinet deployments.

FortiGuard Security Services provide organisations different services tied to their Fortinet devices, enabling coordinated and consistent real-time defence for the latest cyberattacks. FortiGuard Security Services are tuned around different customer segments to include individual services for Enterprises, bundles for Commercial and packages for SMBs. Leveraging threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs, FortiGuard Security Services offer a suite of AI-enabled security capabilities that continuously assess risks and automatically adjust protection across the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Updates and additional expansions to these services will be forthcoming.

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