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Former British Ambassador joins ESET as Government Affairs Lead

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Former British Ambassador Andy Garth has recently joined ESET as Government Affairs Lead after a successful career as a dedicated public servant and diplomat. Experienced in international affairs, Garth has built partnerships and alliances across the spectrum of diplomacy, business and politics across the globe.

After enjoying over a dozen foreign assignments – working in technology hubs like Taiwan, South Korea, India and Belgium, the European Union’s political and administrative hub – Garth’s final appointment was British Ambassador to the Slovak Republic; the assignment took place as the UK was negotiating its future relationship with the EU.

As a diplomat working toward a safer and more prosperous world, Garth’s roles alternated between political and business support focused positions. In his role as a regional Chief Operating Officer for UK Trade and Investment, he encouraged significant increase in business between the UK and the Central and Eastern European regions.

The jump to tech is more of a return, as Andy‘s early career was punctuated with service as the Science and Technology Officer at the British Trade and Cultural Office in Taipei – this function, he successfully facilitated collaborations between technology innovators and business.

On joining ESET, Andy remarked: “I am delighted to be joining one of the world’s largest cybersecurity firms at a time when the huge benefits of the digital era risk being undermined by those that want to do harm. 

“I look forward to working with our partners in government bodies across the globe as we collectively defend against both present and future cyber threats.”

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