FlipX Professional new from OPTEX

FlipX Professional new from Optex

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OPTEX launches new Grade 2 FlipX Professional indoor sensors with flexible detection capability for commercial and professional sites.

OPTEX has launched FlipX Professional, a new range of Grade 2 indoor sensors, which, in a single sensor, can provide highly accurate and reliable detection for both large spaces, and narrow spaces, making it the ideal solution for commercial and professional sites.

The latest addition to the FlipX series, the new FlipX Professional protects narrow corridors or long areas, such as supermarket aisles up to 24m, or wide, open areas like classrooms, retail stores and open plan offices up to 15m at 85°.  By simply ‘flipping’ the lens through 180°, the sensors can be utilised to provide both narrow and wide detection in the same unit, delivering enhanced flexibility for installer and end-user alike.

To detect intruders accurately, the bespoke pyro-electric sensors have a human-catch element, which improves the device’s detection performance because the sensor adapts to the human shape. Also, the specially designed spherical lens (a common feature of all models in the FlipX Series) provides consistency across the whole detection field, eliminating weak points for potential intruders to exploit. 

FlipX Professional for accurate intruder-detection

FlipX Professional sensors have double conductive shielding to prevent nuisance alarms caused by strong lighting and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

Masaya Kida, Managing Director for OPTEX EMEA, says the new FlipX Professional sensors offer the ultimate flexibility: “High street retail outlets, offices and schools can now have a more accurate intruder-detection capability, giving them greater peace of mind that any intrusion will be accurately detected and false alarms will not disrupt their customers, employees, or students.”

“For the installer, the ‘flipped’ lens is a time-saving and cost-effective solution that provides two sensors in one to provide both wide and narrow detection within any environments, and the large detection range makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.”

FlipX Professional range is available in two models – FLX-P-ST (PIR only) and FLX-P-DT (dual-technology with PIR and microwave).  They are sleek and compact in design, enabling them to blend seamlessly into the aesthetics of commercial and professional environments.

The sensors can be installed at 2-3m heights, so they are ‘hidden’ from view in office buildings or lecture theatres with high ceilings and are kept safe from vandalism.  Installation has been made easy thanks to an End-of-line (EOL) resistor socket and the support of a redesigned LED indicator.

Following the launch of the FlipX Standard (Grade 2) and FlipX Advanced (Grade 3) models, the FlipX Professional is the last model in the indoor series.

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