The new Flexidome IP starlight 8000i X series cameras combine built-in AI and enhanced image quality


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Bosch has launched the new Flexidome IP starlight 8000i X series cameras offering 2- or 4-megapixel resolution, custom optics, next-level HDR (high dynamic range) X and starlight X for enhanced image quality in scenes with low-light and fast-moving objects. The new starlight X technology helps to significantly improve image capture during the day. It excels in near-dark scenes, ensuring colour images down to 0.0061 lux due to its custom optics, Bosch advanced image processing algorithms and noise suppression. HDR X enables the cameras to optimise video capture in scenes with fast-moving objects with a dynamic range up to 144 dB, ensuring perfect exposure regardless of challenging lighting conditions while reducing motion-related artefacts and blur in the daytime. The camera’s new 1/1.8 inch sensor further improves image quality across all light levels. Capitalising on the exceptional image capture of the X series, the camera’s built-in artificial intelligence (AI) featuring Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and machine learning (Camera Trainer) offers more relevant data supporting predictive solutions in mission-critical applications.

Exceptional outdoor performance 24/7

The new X series extends the outdoor fixed camera portfolio of the Flexidome IP starlight 8000i family by delivering an ideal mix of resolution, light sensitivity, dynamic range, frame rate, custom optics and built-in AI. The cameras’ enhanced image qualities address the difficulties inherent in extremely low light and challenging light levels around the clock. Thanks to their robust, water- and dust-resistant design with an IP66 and IP6K9K rating and vandal-resistant IK10+ housing, typical applications include manufacturing, public sector and transportation. The cameras can withstand temperatures ranging from -50 to +60°C (-8 to +140°F). Their high-quality, dual-layer coating also protects against corrosion (IEC 60068-2-52 1344h).

Built-in AI supports predictive solutions

Like all Flexidome IP starlight 8000i cameras, the X series has built-in AI featuring IVA and Camera Trainer to support predictive solutions. This built-in AI enables these cameras to understand what they see and attach a layer of metadata to video feeds to convert video data into actionable insights, helping users anticipate unforeseen events and prevent them from happening. IVA is highly resistant to false triggers caused by demanding weather conditions, such as snow, wind, rain, hail and water reflections and environments subject to vibration, such as on bridges. It provides automatic object detection over large distances, making it ideal for perimeter protection of airports, parking lots, critical infrastructures, government buildings, border patrol, ship tracking and traffic monitoring. Combined with starlight X and HDR X, this built-in AI provides more rich data during the day and even in extreme lowlight situations. Camera Trainer, based on machine learning, enables system integrators to tailor IVA to detect objects or situations that matter most to their customers.

Remote device management supports sustainable business practices

The new cameras also feature Bosch remote device management, which is a combination of tools like Project Assistant and Configuration Manager and services for secure, transparent and cost-effective device management throughout a product’s life. The innovative remote wireless configuration and commissioning functionality of the Flexidome IP starlight 8000i range enables installers to work smarter while on-site. When commissioning, installers typically must climb up and down ladders or hire lift equipment to reach cameras at high levels. With any Flexidome IP starlight 8000i camera, commissioning can be done entirely wireless – no need for ladders or lifts. Installers can use the Bosch Project Assistant app installed on a wireless tablet or smartphone to adjust the pan, tilt, roll and zoom (PTRZ) and set the required field of view without touching the camera or lens. With remote device management, any PTRZ adjustments required post-installation, such as new system layouts or altered high-risk zones, can be conducted off-site. System integrators can also perform services such as changing configuration settings or installing firmware updates, ensuring systems meet the highest reliability standards. The remote device management and wireless commissioning process saves time, costs, effort and minimises commutes. It results in sustainable business practices that are economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

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