Austrian town fire brigade solves “lost key problem” with CLIQ Go system


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In the town of Mistelbach, close to Austria’s borders with Czechia and Slovakia, a voluntary fire service has been in operation for 140 years. In that time, they have not only fought the dangers posed by fire, but also provided first aid in special operations such as vehicle recovery and rescues.

A disaster assistance service is also in place to provide regional aid in the event of a disaster and to support or relieve fire brigades on major assignments, such as large-scale fires, natural disasters, supplying emergency provisions to the population or clearing roads.

Michael Holzschuh, Assistant Commander of the voluntary fire brigade, outlined the requirements for a new locking system: “Quick response is essential if we are called out and every second counts. Plus it’s easy for things to get lost. To lose a key is particularly irritating: 50 colleagues, which means 50 keys. In the past, losing a key was a major problem. We can’t allow just anyone to have access.”

A CLIQ Go electromechanical system from ASSA ABLOY now provides a 21st-century access control solution. The station has been fitted with 15 CLIQ mechatronic locking cylinders, which are installed and operate wire-free. 50 programmable, battery powered CLIQ keys have been distributed among authorised keyholders. A standard battery inside every CLIQ key powers the microelectronics inside the locking cylinder.

CLIQ Go’s app-based system management makes access control easy for Mistelbach’s fire brigade. They can run all their locks from a standard smartphone. From the CLIQ Go app, any non-specialist can issue new keys or cancel any that are lost.

“The major advantage of the CLIQ system is the easy key management,” says Alexander Kopp, a security specialist at Alexander Kopp Schlosserei & Sicherheitstechnik in Parndorf. “One key for all cylinders. Programming is easy and there are no additional software costs. Access can be defined individually for every key and blocked again easily if a key is lost.”

The CLIQ principle has also made retrofitting much easier, as no cables need to be routed for the installation. The power supply is provided via batteries in the key — which are easy to replace — and not via the cylinder.

In awarding CLIQ Go a GIT Security Award in the “Access Control, Intruder Alarm & Perimeter Protection” category, one awards jury highlighted its ability to help users “carry out day-to-day access control management from anywhere. For locksmiths, just one mechanical coding for all systems enables them to keep keys and cylinders on stock and to program and configure on demand using the software.”

In Mistelbach, the local fire service sees those benefits in action every day.

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