Fingerprints and Ansal Component partner for biometric solutions in Turkey

Fingerprints and Ansal Component - biometric solution

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Fingerprint Cards AB has revealed a distribution partnership with Ansal Component, a worldwide supplier of component supply services headquartered in Turkey.

The collaboration facilitates and streamlines the region’s advancement in developing secure devices that incorporate fingerprint sensor and software technologies.

The biometric access control solution

Adam Philpott, CEO, Fingerprints expressed: “The Turkish market is significant and strategically important.

“Ansal Component is a great partner to help us grow the reach of our access control solutions in markets where our biometric solutions are known and extremely successful.

“We’re excited to explore new sectors and use cases together, including physical and logical access control, the internet of things (IoT) and other innovative new applications.”

Fingerprints’ biometric access solution is tailored for both physical and logical access devices and applications, including smart locks, FIDO tokens, crypto wallets and beyond.

The standalone biometric system hardware, software and algorithm are compact and seamlessly integrable, reducing time to market.

“Customers’ growing security and authentication requirements”

Erem Irmak, Managing Director, Ansal Component concluded: “Our cooperation with Fingerprints will enable Ansal Component to provide innovative solutions to meet our customers’ growing security and authentication requirements.

“We look forward to a successful, long-term relationship.”

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