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Fife Housing chooses Videx to provide access control systems for residents


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One of East Scotland’s largest independent housing associations, Fife Housing has teamed up with Secured by Design member company, Videx, an access control and door entry manufacturer and supplier, to equip 84 social housing flats in and around the Fife area.

The 14 separate residential blocks, each comprising six apartments, have been fitted with bespoke access control systems that have been tailor-made to meet the security and accessibility needs of residents and visitors.

Speaking at the Security Twenty 19 Security Conference and Exhibition in Dublin, Billy Paton, Videx’s Scotland and Ireland Sales Manager, explained that their VR120 vandal resistant entry system had access panels fitted to the flats with Videx’s standalone, offline proximity system, MiAccess.

This provides a multiple entrance system without the need to cable between devices and has the added advantage that it enables remote programming and replacement of entry key fobs without an engineer having to visit the development.

Billy said: “The requirement was clear – Fife Housing needed a robust access control solution that was simple to use and navigate yet highly secure. The panels we made are to a bespoke size with many features to suit the specific needs of those who live there.”

Features include high visibility yellow ring bezel buttons; remote programming/replacement of fobs; housing staff access to all blocks; enhanced security via remote relay for locks; bespoke sized fully-engraved panels including addresses; and user friendly.

Fife Housing reported that they are pleased with the new system with residents expressing great feedback on how easy they are to use while being a nice modern design too.

A spokesman for Fife Housing said: “Security yet ease of access and a user friendly system that could be specifically made to meet the entry needs of all different types of residents, including those with disabilities, was imperative and the Videx system has provided exactly that.

“What’s more, the team have been really supportive and hands-on throughout the entire installation, working closely and positively with our installer and providing technical and practical advice before, during and after installation.

“I also know that if I had any issues with the systems, or need to modify it according to entry needs, this wouldn’t be a problem and Videx would be on hand to help us do this. It’s been a pleasure to work with Videx – the system is doing a sterling job.”

National Secured by Design Manager, Kenny McHugh, said: “The Videx installation at these flats is an excellent example of how Secured by Design and our member companies are working together to make a real difference to help people live safely.”

Stuart Ward, Police Scotland’s National Designing Out Crime Manager, said he is delighted that Fife Housing and Videx, which has a range of security related products accredited by SBD, have come together to provide access control security at these flats.

“Including SBD accredited products in new or existing developments will go a long way to ensuring that the risks associated with criminal activity will be significantly reduced. This in turn ensures that police resources in the Fife division are available for other tasks and are not being further tied up in the investigation of preventable criminal activity such as housebreaking/burglary,” explained Stuart.

Throughout Scotland, Police Designing Out Crime Officers are available to assist housing associations, developers and designers to consider the risk of criminal activity and can provide security options through SBD, such as the Videx solutions.

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