ACRE launches the Feenics One Mobile App


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ACRE has announced the availability of its Feenics One Mobile App, the next generation app that allows for the management of an employee’s digital identity as well as delivering extended employee engagement capabilities.

“We can’t wait to get Feenics One into the hands of our customers,” stated Jeff Ross, Director of Global Marketing for Feenics, “this powerful new app gives organisations many capabilities, mobile credentials can be managed directly within Feenics, customers can enable two-factor authentication for access authorisation at doors and Feenics One even allows for password-less login capabilities to Feenics’ cloud-based access control and visitor management applications.”  

“Feenics One greatly improves the user experience of an organisation’s employee, visitor and contractor population, empowering them to navigate their daily work experience better while providing access to critical personal information and communications,” added Sam Shalaby, CEO for Feenics, “For example, Feenics One allows an employee who may not have admin access in the traditional sense to control door access within their domain, think a training supervisor is working from home that needs to grant momentary access to an employee or visitor into a training lab, with complete auditing baked in of course.”

Other unique employee engagement capabilities of Feenics One include the ability for employees to audit their door access history and receive important real-time security-related push notifications directly to their phone.

“When we decided to create a new mobile app, it was imperative that it was not like most cookie-cutter mobile & credential apps in the market today,” explained David Sullivan, President of ACRE – Americas “for this app to be meaningful, it needs to deliver as much value to the “cardholder” community as it does for Feenics system administrators. Our vision is that the average employee in an organisation will make Feenics One part of their daily routine, particularly with all the exciting enhancements we have planned.”

Systems integrators and end users interested in learning more about Feenics One can reach out to one of ACRE’s Regional Sales Managers or get additional details at

Additionally, interested parties can visit ACRE’s booth #19059 at ISC West for a demo on 23-25 March.

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