Exclusive: Using surveillance to its fullest potential


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Traditionally surveillance technologies have been used to ensure the safety and security of people, assets and buildings. With advancements made to the security industry over the past couple of years, surveillance technologies can be used for more than just safety, it can be used to make informed business decisions that can benefit your whole organisation.

An IP solution can give you a far more efficient and safe way of working with improvements to speed, ease of use and accuracy. As a business you could be benefitting from surveillance technology to enhance operational efficiency beyond the control room.

Some organisations are using the analytics from the surveillance footage far beyond their safeguarding responsibilities. Security teams sharing their footage and analysis with other departments such as production, marketing and sales can help deliver business intelligence.

Take retail for example, retail businesses can make informed decisions on renting prices and signages by analysing patterns of behaviours. Using AI features such as heatmapping can help retail businesses see where the most popular routes are, where the dwell times are and how people congregate. This can help you decide where to put up signages around the building and how much to charge for rent, resulting in return on investment.

Large stadium events can also benefit from using their surveillance footage to make informed decision to increase productivity. Knowing where the busiest entrances and exits are can help stadiums plan their events more efficiently, placing officers in the right places to avoid the build-up of bottlenecks making the event a more enjoyable experience for booth staff and attendees.

High-division football clubs that have cameras installed on their training grounds can use the footage to track where the most recurrent paths are and where players run the most. With this insight coaches can more proactively plan their strategies for future games.

Businesses that are looking to expand and build new establishments can also use surveillance analytics to help design a new building, IndigoVision security surveillance expert, Simon Steer explains: “You could use analytics to design a new building, to see how the flow of a certain floor works and observe how different layouts operate. This helps architects and designers make the building fully functional.”

Even though a surveillance system was designed to be used as a security tool, it can be valuable to departments outside the control room. Investing in new security surveillance technologies is not only investing in your security department but in the business overall.

For many organisations, the idea of making changes to your surveillance management system is unappealing as it might be seen as a lengthy and costly process.

What most don’t realise is that there not only is a benefit outside the control room but there can be huge financial benefits when updating your surveillance solution, especially when going from an analogue solution to an IP solution to help deliver business intelligence.

Simon Steers explains: “The cost-saving opportunities of changing to an IP network are vast. It’s possible to get the return on investment back within a year.”

Updating your system from analogue to IP offers many benefits to your business and security officers. With better evidence, improved systems, ease of integration and operational efficiencies, this can lead to money saving opportunities. Don’t let your security surveillance systems prevent your organisation’s security operators from doing the best job they can. By working with the latest technology, you can ensure that the security needs of your organisations are met in more ways than one.


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