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Rob Evans, Sales Director at CSL discusses the many benefits and applications of the company’s CSL Router.

How can CSL improve the cybersecurity of a security system?

Today, CSL is the trusted choice to provide secure connectivity for over 1 million M2M/IoT devices throughout the world. CSL’s platform handles over 4 billion events each month and securely collates data ready to push through the portals which provide real-time visibility on the status of a connected device. This is all backed-up by the 24/7 managed support services to ensure maximum availability, reliability and customer service.

The company’s heritage is in simple and reliable DualCom alarm signalling products, that are all powered by the Gemini Global platform which enables the safe delivery of alarms and data from the premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre.

CSL now applies this experience in critical communications to SIMs, Routers and Broadband, offering immediate and secure connectivity for any installation across all markets including CCTV, HVAC, access control and alarm signalling.

What makes the CSL Router so unique?

CSL Router’s static IP address allows remote access into the system without interfering with any IT infrastructure. For installations that require professional monitoring, CSL Router can be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre. It is also available as a self-monitoring solution with the ability to upgrade to full ARC Connection at any time.

CSL Routers have been utilised in thousands of installations since its launch in 2018, as well as winning numerous, prestigious industry awards across sectors, showing the positive impact customers feel this is having to their offerings.

Our customers choose CSL Router for:

  • Immediate Connectivity – instant internet connection via 4G or back-up an existing wired connection
  • Avoid over usage charges – supplied with appropriate SIM for usage and tailored to suit most installations
  • Enhanced security – utilises private APNs and the secure Gemini Global Platform
  • End user access – easy end-user access for self-monitoring

CSL Router sends data via a 4G SIM, providing an instant, encrypted connection to the internet on sites where wired broadband is unavailable, impractical or slow. Alternatively, the 4G back-up option will upgrade an existing broadband service to a private network. It also provides a reliable failover business solution if wired broadband goes down.

Can CSL Router be used for cloud-based systems?

We work in partnership with other leading manufacturers who all utilise cloud-based systems to provide CCTV, access control and other systems.

CSL Router is supplied with the appropriate SIM for their usage and there is a range of connectivity options available for any system. Whether it’s connectivity for a traditional standalone CCTV system requiring a fixed IP address or high-speed internet access for a cloud-based access control system, CSL can help.

How do you ensure the monthly costs of CSL Routers are kept under control?

CSL Router is supplied with the appropriate monthly data SIM bundle to help manage costs. If the data usage of the SIM goes up, we will contact the installer to discuss the option to move to another tariff or to adjust the behaviour of the system. For those who have an estate of CSL Routers, we can aggregate the usage across this base to spread out the usage and the costs, avoiding unnecessary charges.

Are there any major installations you can tell us about?

One such installation was Kingdom Services Group. Kingdom specialises in CCTV solutions for construction and infrastructure projects across the UK via its Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers. These towers enable CCTV systems to be deployed quickly and efficiently.

The towers transfer large amounts of sensitive data, so Kingdom needed a solution that would protect the data and eliminate any potential over usage charges. Previously, Kingdom was purchasing a separate SIM and Router to handle these requirements. However, this did not provide the efficiency, reliability or security they wanted. CSL Router was chosen for its ability to send large amounts of data across an Encrypted Private Network.

With CSL Router in place, Kingdom ensures a private connection between the CCTV systems and the intended destination for this information, whether it be an end user App or an ARC. Not only this, but the CSL Router comes pre-configured with both the Router hardware and the appropriate 4G SIM bundle, further improving efficiency and costs. Kingdom now has over 20 active devices installed, distributing vital data from the Rapid Deployment Towers to end users and ARCs.

Why is it important that installers consider the secure connectivity of a network?

All aspects of our industry must, rightly, adhere to the highest possible standards. Whether this be for delivery of alarms, clarity of image, reliability, temperature, etc. Why should the communications of a system be any different?

Connectivity brings many benefits, but if not done correctly it is an easy way for a system to be maliciously accessed. That is why everything we supply comes with its own private network and is fully encrypted to avoid these vulnerabilities. For all our solutions, the data is passed via the Gemini Global Platform, CSL’s private and secure network. This ensures everything is kept safe and secure.

Is enough being done to educate end users about cybersecurity?

I think many people are aware of cybersecurity, as we have seen many high-profile cases. However, maybe people are yet to realise that anyone can be a target and at the same time, that solutions are available now to prevent this. Plus, many come with added benefits such as secure remote access and the availability of analytics.

Now, more than ever before, it’s imperative to become cybersecure. As more of people’s lives are now online, for both business and pleasure, people are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  

How can people find out more about the CSL Router?

To find out more about CSL Router, please visit www.csl-group.com.

Rob Evans

This article appeared in the January 2021 edition of International Security Journal. Pick up your FREE digital copy here

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