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Exclusive Q&A: Oncam and the new era of security


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International Security Journal speaks exclusively with Scott Brothers, COO of Oncam about the exciting new developments taking place at the company.

What makes the new Oncam C-Series so unique?

While I can go on and on about the “speeds and feeds” of the C-Series (of which, there are many amazing qualities), I would be remiss to not mention the unique perspective that the Oncam team of professionals took in building this camera series over the last 18 months. The idea for the C-Series was built with the 15 years of experience Oncam has in the marketplace, coupled with the strong partnerships we’ve established with our Strategic Alliance Partners. Together, with their feedback and our expertise, we were able to truly build an exceptional product that aims to provide these partners with the 360-degree camera that seamlessly fits into their surveillance ecosystem.

The design of the C-series range challenged the way we traditionally approach development, including:

Attention to design: Our team prioritised functionality, interoperability and cohesiveness in the C-series to deliver a best-in-class option as part of a surveillance ecosystem.

Ease of handling: Down to the packaging and sourcing options for ensuring the camera’s availability to the market, the C-series meets stringent goals for sourced materials management.

Installation: The ease of installation was a huge factor in the design of the camera, keeping in mind providing a streamlined approach for the installer.

User experience: From packaging to installation to configuration tools, the way the camera is presented to the end user is critical to the success of the technology and in this design, our team made every attempt to ensure that the user feels comfortable in the driver’s seat when interacting with the product.

You have said that this is a “new era for the security industry”, what exactly do you mean by that?

Part of this “new era” is in the increased focus on the partnerships that we’ve built over the last 15 years with our SAPs and part of it is the teamwork that has brought Oncam to this point in its evolution. We set out to build a team that could positively challenge one another while focusing on creating special products that our partners would take pride in marketing and selling worldwide. The new era is in the mutual benefit of building a team that works seamlessly with our partners and deliver the kind of products that make you sit back and say, “OK, THIS is the kind of technology we need in our portfolio.” It’s very interesting to be sort of a niche manufacturer, specialising in 360-degree video, but that’s what makes us such a powerful force for the legacy we’ve built.

Are you confident that Oncam is well positioned to thrive in this new era?

Absolutely. More and more, the relationship-building nature of the security industry is pushing organisations out of the zone of “business as usual” and more into the realm of “how can I collectively work with this other company to deliver results to my customers?” In the new, relationship- and team-centric nature of the industry, Oncam has already taken significant strides to hone in on the needs of our partners, the demands their customers are making on them and building products that truly deliver results.

Why is the collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies so important for Oncam and its clients?

Working with Qualcomm Technologies to help power our newest line of cameras has allowed us to share our vision of the future of IP camera technology with a visionary team like ours. The collaboration we’ve established with the selection of Qualcomm Technology’s system-on-a-chip (SOC) within the new C-Series has allowed us to elevate the capabilities of the video surveillance technology beyond that of what’s currently available on the market today from many of our competitors. Very early on in the process, when we were meeting with the Qualcomm Technologies team, it was apparent that they shared the vision of delivering innovative, forward-thinking camera solutions that push the envelope for the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) devices — and the possibilities are truly endless.

What does the roadmap look like for Oncam over the next 12 months?

The C-Series debuted with both the C-12 Indoor and the C-12 Outdoor Plus cameras, but there are a number of iterations of the technology that are forthcoming as part of this series. We will continue to work with our SAPs to ensure the needs of their customers are being met in the camera’s ability to integrate with industry-leading video management systems (VMSs), as well as build on the relationships that we’ve established to deliver more powerful 360-degree technology to their customers.

Scott Brothers

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