Exclusive: Alex Asnovich comments on Pelco acquisition


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Alex Asnovich, Head of Global Marketing for Motorola Solutions’ Video Security and Analytics business speaks exclusively to International Security Journal about the recent acquisition of Pelco and what it means for both companies.

What made Pelco an attractive proposition to Motorola Solutions?
Pelco’s track record of innovation in video, internationally recognised brand and global channel and customer install base will enable Motorola Solutions to expand its footprint with enterprise and public safety customers around the world, reinforcing the company’s strategy of becoming a global leader in end-to-end video security solutions.

In what ways is the acquisition going to strengthen both brands?
The acquisition adds to Motorola Solutions’ existing video portfolio a broad range of products that can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial environments and use cases. Pelco also expands our ability to participate in VMS-agnostic opportunities.

What changes can we expect to see over the coming months?
Our plan is to revamp Pelco’s product portfolio to leverage Motorola Solutions’ industry-leading video hardware and analytics technology. We plan to bring the manufacturing of these refreshed products back to the United States in our Texas facility.

How do you see the acquisition impacting the global video security market?
We are always looking for new ways to introduce security solutions that help our customers deliver on their security and business outcomes and by continuing to expand our offerings and build out our teams we are further driving our presence in the global market. We are very proud of our best-in-breed video security technology and are looking forward to introducing it to a broader audience.

What benefits will Motorola and Pelco customers gain from the acquisition?
As mentioned, Pelco’s install base, technical expertise and brand will help us expand our global footprint, but in the long-term we can expect to invest significantly in their portfolio and look for new ways to introduce Motorola Solutions’ cutting-edge analytics to Pelco’s offerings.


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