exacqVision Q-Series from Johnson Controls offers an affordable, all-in-one surveillance solution


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Johnson Controls, the architect for OpenBlue digital platforms is announcing the exacqVision Q-Series from Tyco Exacq, bringing together an optimal combination of performance and affordability into a single network video recording solution.

With support for up to 24 IP cameras and 16 analogue cameras, this solution offers end users the flexibility to choose from IP-only or hybrid systems to incorporate legacy analogue and IP cameras into the same system.

Apart from its core function as an NVR, the Q-Series doubles as an impressive live monitoring station, where operators can watch 16 live, full-HD streams simultaneously at 15 frames per second. Running on an Intel-based full Ubuntu platform, the Q-Series provides the easy support and customisation customers expect from an exacqVision system.

Additionally, customers can take advantage of a single vendor experience for both hardware and software, streamlining everything from purchasing to support.

exacqVision Q-Series

Additional features:

•   Three-year SSA for ongoing updates at no cost

•   Open camera support for thousands of camera models

•   Four free exacqVision Professional IP camera licenses and a rich set of accessories

•   Regulatory and trade-friendly, with full NDAA compliance

For more information about the Q-Series, visit exacq.com.

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