Evolv security screening installed at Virginia school

School lockers - US schools deploy Evolv technology

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Evolv Technology, a provider of AI-based weapons detection security screening, has announced a new partnership with Manassas City Public Schools in Virginia, US.

The school district will use the company’s state-of-the-art Evolv Express security solution at its high school, screening over 2,300 students daily as part of a layered approach to school safety. 

“I’m proud of our School Board and district for adding this additional safety measure for our school,” said Mike Pflugrath, Osbourn High School’s Principal. “It took a moment for the students to understand what would happen as they moved through the screeners on the first day, but by the second or third day, they saw just how easy and non-intrusive the system is.” 

The company says the Evolv Express uses powerful sensor technology with AI to provide safe, accurate threat detection at unprecedented volume and speed. The technology allows designated security officials to tell the difference between threats and most everyday items people carry to school such as cell phones or keys. Osbourn High School is using four Evolv Express systems, allowing its more than 2,000 students, staff and visitors to walk through every morning without always having to stop and be checked one by one unless something is detected. 

“Evolv is proud to be a part of the safety plan at Manassas City Public Schools,” said Peter George, CEO of Evolv Technology. “The students and staff at Osbourn High School have already talked about how glad they are that the district implemented a screening solution. That’s a common thread among all the schools we work with. Evolv helps bring peace of mind to a school community, allowing them to focus on learning in a safer environment.” 

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