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Euralarm presents White Paper on Next Generation Networks


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During the recent meeting of the Euralarm Security Section, a White Paper was presented on the topic of Next Generation Networks. The paper is intended for fire safety, security and services professionals during the transition from analogue to digital alarm transmission solutions.

Standard Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) services are progressively being replaced by high speed networks across Europe with a Voice over IP backbone. Telecom operators, regulators and government agencies have developed a plan in each European country to organise the migrations. The period between 2025 to 2030 appears to be the predicted time frame to complete the migration toward New Generation Networks (NGN).

For transmissions of alarms there are many combinations of alternate single and dual path solutions and products available on the market that are not based on analogue PSTN. The White Paper gives an overview of the considerations for broadband IP and mobile network solutions.

Euralarm’s David Wilkinson on the publication of the White Paper: “Euralarm recognises the importance of the digitisation of the telephone network which is happening across Europe. By developing this guidance we have responded to the uncertainty these changes bring to our members and their customers. As the technology transition continues, we will develop our guidance accordingly to ensure the market place is educated.”

When asked what other actions are to be expected, David Wilkinson explains: “This change also brings with it opportunities to enhance the services our members can deliver to their customers. Besides they can relay this message to the wider community. Therefore, we are planning workshops in strategic locations over the coming months.”

Copies of the Euralarm White Paper “New Generation Networks for alarm communications” can be downloaded via the Euralarm website.

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