Ushering in the era of AI transformation

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AI is one of the most transformative technologies shaping the fourth industrial revolution and acting as an economic growth catalyst, reports MVP Tech.

In the MENA region, AI adoption is set to grow the economy by $320 billion. Businesses across industries are leveraging AI to improve customer experiences, increase efficiencies, boost bottom lines, open up new revenue opportunities, strengthen security and much, much more.

There is growing interest in adopting AI but companies struggle to scale up and reap the benefits of AI due to several barriers, including a lack of locally available skilled talent, infrastructure and AI literacy across multiple verticals.

A technology partner with a full spectrum of AI expertise can help businesses bridge the gap from siloed AI experimentation to AI-powered transformation. That is what MVP Tech is doing.

Founded and headquartered in the UAE, with a strong presence across the Middle East region, MVP Tech is truly a ‘Glocal’ AI partner. AI expertise and ingenuity, with an in-depth understanding of the local regions, policies and market, are at the heart of the company. With over a decade of rich AI industry experience, MVP Tech, today, is leading AI solutions partner in the MENA region. With businesses and government entities increasingly leveraging AI in their daily operations and long term strategies, the need for a full-spectrum AI solutions partners is rising too.

With fully integrated solutions and in-country AI data scientists, AI product managers, project managers and full stack engineers – MVP Tech is powerfully equipped to support and enable these enterprises through their digital transformation initiatives.

The company’s range of solutions includes: AI Customised Solutions built from the ground up; AI Product Development; AI Web Application Development (UI/UX Design, Front-End Development, Back-End Development); Client Support and Outsourcing.

The speed of adoption of the latest technologies is often the great differentiator in the business world. An AI solutions partner that understands the need of the domain, geographical and market factors, and the enterprise’s vision can help businesses leverage AI’s full potential. MVP Tech, with a competent team of AI experts, is leading many enterprises in the rapid and efficient end-to-end adoption and deployment of AI.

MVP Tech is partnering with companies from various industries, helping them transform their core businesses and grow with AI-powered intelligent automation. The company is leading the way in this area with some laudable work in critical industries like surveillance and security, sports, oil and gas, multimedia, government entities and more.

Homeland security industry

Security and surveillance systems have become one of the crucial infrastructure requirements for enterprises, especially government and law enforcement agencies. Any breach of surveillance systems can result in significant mishaps.

MVP Tech is leveraging the power of AI to exchange information in real time, identify patterns, generate alerts and eliminate threats to set up robust security and surveillance systems for enterprises of every scale. The company’s offerings in this domain includes:

  • Facial recognition using facial databases in combination with other data, such as behaviour patterns captured on video to monitor for people and to verify identities efficiently and in real time
  • Predictive intelligence for security management to correlate and analyse social media data with other data streams and determine any deviations from indicators that may be predictors of an adverse event
  • Big data structuring and analysis identifying city surveillance trends
  • Customised training visualisation platforms

Critical infrastructure and environment

In the space of airports, smart cities, utilities and rail infrastructure, more countries are leaning towards accelerating the digital transformation and leveraging data to improve quality of life, reduce the cost of maintaining infrastructures and increasing the longevity and profitability of these assets.

With AI expertise, MVP Tech is helping cities, operators and governments to manage their ever-growing number of assets more efficiently. Some of the solutions offered include:

•             Automated rail inspection robots driven by computer vision

•             Predictive modelling for maintenance requirements

•             Traffic analysis and suggested improvement solutions

•             Noise and air quality sensors

•             Airport operational and safety-driven video analytics

•             Utilities monitoring and predictive software

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry has stringent safety standards to ensure personnel safety and regulatory compliance.

The price of non-compliance in the industry is exceptionally high, both financially and legally. With AI expertise, MVP Tech is helping oil and gas companies efficiently manage worker safety, operations and regulatory compliance. Some custom solutions that the company offers for the industry include:

  • Automatic PPE detection and reporting dashboards
  • Deep video analysis and automated alarm generation for non-compliance in specific work environments like onshore and offshore rigs
  • Central command and control centre for video and meta data collection and stats generation

MVP Tech has almost two decades of expertise in pioneering innovative technology solutions in security, IT, data centres and AI software solutions. The company is leading the wave of AI transformation with an in-house team of experts, complete project and product support to clients and expertise in niche AI technologies like computer vision and machine learning.

What makes the company one of the most sought-after AI partners in the GCC region is its ability to offer end-to-end solutions, including project management, product management, API integration, quality, assurance and testing.

MVP Tech’s engineering capabilities include all aspects of design, integration, installation, operations and maintenance. This eclectic mix of capabilities has allowed them to expand into turn-key technology integration products, providing a single point of contact for all clients’ needs.

MVP Tech stands apart in the industry because of its consistent commitment to being at the forefront of innovation. The company has been experimenting and working with AI and video analytics for two decades, developing real world applications of these technologies in both the private and public sectors.

MVP Tech was also among the first to deploy PSIM (physical security information management), now CSIM (Converged Security and Information Management), through their pioneering vision for all subsystems to communicate holistically to provide real time actionable information seamlessly to the operators.

With a strong foundation in technology, innovation and a deep understanding of the local legislation, MVP Tech is ushering in an era of AI transformation with fully integrated platforms that allow in-depth analysis of combined data sources, creating the opportunity for strategic, centralised intelligence at a single location.

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