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Range of entrance solutions from Boon Edam on display in Atlanta


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Boon Edam Inc. is displaying its comprehensive range of security entrance solutions at GSX 2022, September 12-14 in Atlanta, GA.

Boon Edam’s Turnlock 150 Full Height Turnstile with new BE Secure Overhead Detection System will be on display at booth #3017 alongside a suite of additional Boon Edam security solutions.

“From developing new products to launching our expanded North American headquarters, Boon Edam has experienced unprecedented growth within the past year,” said Valerie Currin, President & Managing Director, Boon Edam. “We are excited to both demonstrate and discuss these exciting new developments with the greater security community at GSX 2022.”

GSX attendees can see the following Boon Edam security entrance solutions in action at booth #3017:

Turnlock 150 Turnstile with New BE Secure Overhead Detection System

The Turnlock 150 is a full height turnstile constructed with heavy-duty aluminium that operates in similar fashion as a revolving door. At GSX, the Turnlock 150 will be equipped with the new BE Secure Overhead Detection System. This anti-piggyback overhead detection system utilizes Time-of-Flight measurement principles (TOF) combined with AI algorithms to detect when two people try to enter the same compartment on the turnstile using one credential. Built for both exterior and interior applications, the Turnlock 150 with BE Secure is ideal for a variety of applications where piggybacking detection and prevention are required.

Lifeline Speedlane Swing Optical Turnstile

The slimmest optical turnstile available, the Lifeline Speedlane Swing Optical Turnstile features a sleek glass casing and colourful LEDs to guide users. The Lifeline Speedlane uses intuitive sensors and a swing gate to prevent unauthorised entry and tailgating. In addition, the turnstile coordinates beautifully with existing building décor.

Tourlock 180 Security Revolving Door with StereoVision® 

The Tourlock is a four-winged revolving security door that provides high security in areas with heavy foot traffic. The Tourlock will feature the StereoVision overhead sensor system, which uses smart, near-infrared technology to generate accurate 3D images of the doorway to ensure only one person is present in the doorway.

Circlelock Solo Security Mantrap Portal with StereoVision

The Circlelock Solo offers the highest security possible for an unmanned entrance. Using a space-efficient cylinder compartment with an interlocking door system, the Circlelock guarantees that only one person at a time can enter. The Circlelock Solo uses StereoVision technology and can also integrate with biometric devices for multi-factor authentication.

Speedlane Compact Optical Turnstile

Offering simplicity and sophistication, the Speedlane Compact is the latest addition to Boon Edam’s family of optical turnstiles. Its small footprint in no way compromises its ease of efficiency as part of the contribution towards moving people safely onto the next point of their journey. It provides security and safety when real estate is at a premium.

In addition to showcasing its wide range of security products, Boon Edam will also be sharing information about its expanded North American headquarters that opened earlier this year in Raleigh, NC. The new headquarters is home to much of Boon Edam’s office staff as well as a new showroom and technology center featuring a variety of security entrance solutions. GSX attendees will also have the opportunity to meet some of the recently appointed key members of the Boon Edam staff.

To learn more about Boon Edam’s GSX 2022 attendance and to register for a discounted exhibition pass, please visit: https://www.boonedam.com/en-us/gsx-2022

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