Enhance your business software with the CLIQ Web Manager


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So many business processes are controlled, tracked, measured or monitored by software. So, it’s frustrating when multiple systems create double or triple the work. Unfortunately, not all your software plays nice together. Web-enabled software for a CLIQ key-based access control system is an exception.

No matter what your business, the CLIQ Web Manager helps you manage its access control quickly and efficiently. Now you can also integrate its powerful access management features with your existing business process software. Thanks to the CLIQ Web Manager’s open architecture, you can build a single interface to control everything.

CLIQ Web Manager will help you streamline everyday operations, while also managing a CLIQ key access control system to its full potential. Integration works in two distinct ways. You can plug the CLIQ Web Manager directly into an existing platform, making access control one node in your current control panel. There is an SDK, if you wish to add CLIQ Connect remote access control management to a company app.

Alternatively, CLIQ Web Manager can be the hub for multiple business processes. You manage HR, support ticketing, financial reporting and more alongside daily access control tasks like validating and revalidating credentials, cancelling lost keys and ordering automated audit trails for locks or users.

With CLIQ Web Manager web services, you can build a comprehensive, customised integration with your existing software to help the business operate more efficiently.

Work smarter with CLIQ access control software

Time- and cost-saving measures are baked into every CLIQ Web Manager integration. Cutting back data double-entry reduces database errors and minimises tedious data entry. Your internal workflows in security and beyond are streamlined when one interface enables you to answer multiple questions.

Plus, you can customise integration functionality to suit your business. How best should the CLIQ Web Manager integrate with your existing software? You choose.

You can save IT costs if you also select a CLIQ Web Manager Software as a Service (SaaS) package. Security infrastructure budgeting becomes more predictable. Your data enjoys complete redundancy. And your company’s CLIQ software is always, automatically up to date — a bonus for cybersecurity resilience.

CLIQ Web Manager enables a wide range of controlled security workflows, including real-time access control management. Now it integrates easily with all kinds of business software, helping you work smarter, too.

Does your access control system integrate easily with software tools you already use? CLIQ Web Manager does. To download a free CLIQ Web Manager Integrations guide or book a free expert integration consultation, visit https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/hubfs/cliq/Standalone%20PDFs/AA_CLIQ_Integration_WebBrochure_11_2019_Final.pdf

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