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Elmdene Access Control PSU Range now available as BIM Objects


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Elmdene International is pleased to announce the addition of the popular range of Multi-Controller Power Supplies, as BIM Objects on the NBS National BIM Library.

The Access Control PSU Range, that can house up to four door controllers, have been authored to the NBS BIM Object Standard and made available on the BIM Library. BIM objects are detailed information that defines a product and the dimensions that represents the product’s physical characteristics. This is then presented in a consistent format that allows designers to use the object within the BIM environment.

Peter Long, Product Manager at Elmdene, said: “This is an exciting step for Elmdene, in making some of our standard product ranges available in the BIM format. Designers can now incorporate our space-saving Access Control power supplies within their digital models of construction projects, ensuring Access Control systems have the appropriate battery back-up, early in the planning stages.”

Elmdene have previously introduced some power supplies as BIM objects over the last two years, including the PoE Ultrapod, 4HR UPS, 24V STX PSU Range and the 12V G Range N Series. All are available to download to work with IFC or Revit.

You can find more information on available Elmdene BIM objects here: https://www.nationalbimlibrary.com/en-gb/elmdene/

The Access Control PSU Range is available from Norbain now: https://norbain.com/search-results?q=elmdeneacmarch

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