eLearning courses now available in Arabic, Spanish and French


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Linx International Group has announced that its eLearning courses are available for the first time in Arabic, Spanish and French. The launch of these best in class courses form part of the Linx International Group’s aim to raise security knowledge and standards, through expert training and education worldwide.

Arabic is spoken by approximately 310 million people around the world, whilst Spanish is the native language for approximately 400 million people living and working in more than 20 countries. French is spoken by 275 million people and is the official language of 29 countries, with the largest population living and working in Africa, a region where the Linx International Group has a proud heritage of delivering security training.

Linx International Group Director, Angus Darroch-Warren states: “The courses we develop are widely recognised as the very best in class and it is both an opportunity and responsibility to make them available to every security practitioner, regardless of their level of expertise, the language they speak or the country in which they operate.” Angus adds: “There is currently in the region of 985 million people speaking Arabic, Spanish or French and until now those working in security related roles have had limited access to high-quality, yet affordable security management and technical training.”

The first phase of the newly translated eLearning courses is provided by Linx International Group company’s PerpetuityARC Training and Tavcom Training and addresses some of the most relevant and in-demand topics for security practitioners today. The courses are:

  • Security Risk Management
  • Security Surveys
  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity
  • Lenses Explained
  • Detection Devices
  • Building Security
  • Access Management

These short, information-rich bitesize courses have been developed by world-leading experts in their fields, with another four courses set for release this September. Furthermore, an additional two courses use the new Linxville simulation platform, a game changing way to teach security best practice. Angus explains: “Our Perimeter Security and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation courses use the Linxville platform to provide a highly visual, interactive an immersive training experience.”

The Linx International Group will be launching more courses in September, with each course costing just £9.90 inc VAT. Completion of the course is rewarded with the presentation of a PerpetuityARC Training Certificate or a Tavcom Training Certificate. For more information about security management courses visit: PerpetuityARC Training. For technical security training visit: Tavcom Training.

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