How to create efficiencies with low cost of deployment

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End users are forced to do more with less and must look at the big picture and determine how to mitigate risk, ensure compliance and reduce costs in the most efficient way possible. How can a manufacturer help an organisation become more efficient while they adopt a low cost of deployment and ownership mentality?

We recommend conducting an organisational workshop and inviting department heads from every department. You’ll be surprised at the discussions and the outside departments will come to value the security department’s contribution to the company. 

We ask lots of questions that help us understand the company. We review what technologies are used to secure the premises and we review the processes used with those technologies.

Outside departments will see how security affects their part of the business.

The workshop reveals strengths and weaknesses in a security program and prompts discussion about the solutions needed to be more effective and efficient. The security team, with the support of all departments, can create a business case.

As enterprise customers are doing more with less and managing the changes from the pandemic, they must choose products and solutions that support existing technology while upgrading. Upgrading to Bluetooth readers provides a future-proof solution.

Future-proof your deployment

AMAG’s multi-technology transition reader, Symmetry Blue, allows end users to use their existing credentials today until they completely transition to a more secure credential. Our reader supports Wiegand technology, but then allows the customer to later update the firmware to support the more secure OSDP communications protocol.

Organisations are now moving to digital credentials and a mobile solution for access control. Using Symmetry Mobile, organisations can manage credentials remotely supporting physical distancing. Moving to a mobile solution supports Return to Work initiatives and is more efficient. 

Mark Williams

By Mark Williams, Director of Sales EMEA, AMAG Technology

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