eCharge Hardy Barth and LEGIC: Turning eCharging stations into secure hubs


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In response to the EU’s strategy to phase out fossil-fuelled cars, the electric car market in Europe is forecast for strong growth, from 2.9 million vehicles in 2023 to over 5.5 million vehicles in 2027, a CAGR of almost 18% (Statista).

eCharging stations for both homes and businesses will experience even faster growth, reaching $56 billion by 2029, an impressive CAGR of over 30% during 2022-29 (Businesswire).

To facilitate this market, eCharging stations should not only support customer authentication, secure ePayment and bi-directional communication with the service provider’s cloud, they must also support complementary customer-loyalty services such as discounts on eParking, mobility services, public transport, car wash, food and drink, etc. via the same smartcard or mobile app.

To support this growing ecosystem around eCharging stations, eCharge Hardy Barth, a provider of eMobility solutions based in Germany, has partnered with LEGIC Identsystems to create eCharging stations that support secure user authentication, ePayment, monitoring and maintenance access as well as multi-application capability that easily integrates customer loyalty services via the same smartcard or Android/iOS mobile app.

1-ISJ- eCharge Hardy Barth and LEGIC: Turning eCharging stations into secure hubs

Secure and versatile thanks to LEGIC

Based on LEGIC’s Security Platform, Hardy Barth’s eCharging stations provide total security via end-to-end managed encryption, real time user authentication, secure ePayment (open or closed loop), monitoring of station status as well as supporting multiple complementary applications that make eCharging services even more attractive.

The platform supports both smartcards (managed via LEGIC’s Master-Token System-Control or MTSC) and mobile app via the trusted service LEGIC Connect. Customer interaction is contactless – all interaction is done via RFID, NFC or Bluetooth between mobile app or smartcard and a LEGIC SM-6310 Security Module embedded in each station.

To find out more about the secure and flexible eCharging solution from Hardy Barth, click here.

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