New eBook highlights value of video surveillance in retail

surveillance in retail

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Video surveillance provider, IDIS, has unveiled its new eBook focused on how innovative technology can reduce shrink and prevent theft.

The manufacturer’s eBook highlights the value of video surveillance in retail environments and offers advice to companies as well as its integration partners.

Utilising surveillance in retail settings

Surveillance technology has helped retailers protect the shop floor for a long time.

However, innovative solutions featuring AI analytics can also help to cut shrink and protect profits.

‘Five Surveillance Essentials for Cutting Shrink and Protecting Profits’ highlights some of the major technological advances in this space and discusses implementation options.

By deploying these enhanced surveillance solutions, retailers can become proactive and build better foundations for loss prevention.

“Video solutions can help retailers win”

“Crisp, clear image capture is the foundation of every retail surveillance system,” commented James Min, Managing Director, IDIS Europe.

“From the quality of real time viewing and video evidence to the effectiveness of money-saving AI analytics, a lot is riding on camera performance.

“As our eBook explains, today we are also seeing the need for retail video systems to be better designed around the needs of the individuals who use them – from loss prevention managers and security staff to branch managers and store owners – with more powerful functions and greater ease-of-use,” Min added.

“In the fight against shoplifters, organised crime gangs and fraud, video solutions can help retailers win the battle against shrink by supporting better deterrence, detection, intervention and investigation.”

To download the eBook, click here.

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