Dubai named one of the safest cities in the world

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A recent policy brief released by the Dubai Competitiveness Office has confirmed that Dubai is one of the safest global cities, according to Ary.

Dubai received the recognition after meeting 100 different indicators, in several international reports, which rank cities across the world based on safety and security measures. The Dubai Competitiveness Office’s brief, titled ‘Safety and Security Competitiveness in Dubai: Why Dubai is ranked as one of the Safest Cities in the World’, provides deeper analysis into the achievement.

The Economist Intelligence Unit – which focuses scoring on Personal, Infrastructural, Health and Digital Safety – was one of the primary categories Dubai scored top marks in. The Smart Cities report, taken by IMD World Competitiveness Center, also deeply reflects Dubai’s safety and security achievements.

His Excellency Sami Al Qamzi, Director General of Dubai Economy, commented: “For decades, Dubai has demonstrated an utmost desire to maintain the UAE’s status as a secure haven. Progressive and ambitious socioeconomic reforms and strategies, including the numerous national plans continue to bring heavy investments and people to the emirate.

“The government and leadership emphasising safety and security of citizens, residents and visitors as a paramount objective plays a key role in attracting investors and the world’s leading talent to Dubai and enabling them to live, work and prosper here.”

Hani Al Hamli, Manager of Dubai Competitiveness Office, added: “Safety and security are integral to quality of life, which in turn is an essential element of the competitiveness Dubai emphasizes as its biggest advantage. The policy brief clearly demonstrates Dubai’s commitment to the safety and security of its residents and citizens as well as to the overall integrity of the emirate and the nation as a whole.

“Dubai goes above and beyond to ensure that there is no safer place than within its border, and the message was particularly loud and clear during the COVID-19 phase.”

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