Transform interior door security in 26 seconds? It is possible with ASSA ABLOY’s Code Handle

Code Handle

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The proof is out there: A new Code Handle digital PIN lock can be fitted to a standard interior door in less than half a minute. In this short space of time, security for private offices, stock rooms, staff toilets, equipment stores, consulting rooms, home offices, boardrooms and more can get a major security upgrade — with no wires, no keys and no need to run an access control system.

Code Handle is a locking handle with a built-in digital PIN keypad. It adds keyless electronic security to almost any interior door.

The battery powered handle is designed for fast, easy installation by almost anyone — no expertise required. But exactly how fast? ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions launched a competition to find out. Locksmiths, security installers and access experts EMEA-wide were invited to enter their installation videos using the hashtag #ReadySetCode.

The winning entry — Jiri Van Hoyweghen from Belgium — completed a Code Handle installation, from start to finish, in just 26 seconds.

Fast installation with Code Handle

Installing a new Code Handle is easy, with no wires, no specialist tools and no drilling. Two screws attach a Code Handle to almost any interior door up to 80mm thick.

A Code Handle can secure any interior door facing a heavily trafficked space — subtly and with zero hassle. Slim and attractive, its brushed steel and chrome exterior looks like any stylish handle. Keyless entry via up to nine different user PINs (four to six digits) secures doors without creating unnecessary key-handling workload.

“The main advantage for us is that users can go to the office with no keys, as it provides enough security for our needs,” says Augusta 29’s CEO, Miguel Ángel Villota Mocho. Barcelona’s Augusta 29 locks their flexible office rentals and meeting rooms with 40 Code Handle devices.

Users enter a PIN code on the handle’s keypad and the door to their rented workspace unlocks. Code Handle’s optional auto-locking feature further enhances office safety. When the door closes, Code Handle locks it automatically. Code Handle also blocks automatically when an intruder enters the wrong PIN code five times.

Code Handle offers a major door security upgrade — in exchange for 26 seconds’ work, or just a little more.

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