DITEK launches Modular Surge Protector specifically designed for convenience stores


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DITEK has announced the launch of a new Deflector Series Surge Protective Device model, DTK-DF120S12, specifically designed to protect convenience stores and multi-dispenser fuelling stations from unnecessary damage caused by electrical surge events. This unique new configuration delivers a wide range of benefits to store operators by protecting sensitive fuel pump control systems and more from damage while ensuring that protection is operating correctly. If protection is compromised, this patented technology alerts station staff and management in three ways to make sure that vital equipment does not remain unprotected.


“This new Deflector Series solves an ongoing challenge for convenience store operators. These businesses rely on a range of electronic systems to attract customers and quickly deliver profitable sales – but all these systems are vulnerable to electrical disturbances,” said Rich Mitchell, Technical Sales Engineer, DITEK. “Installing surge protection is only a partial solution – because that protection can degrade over time and require replacement. The new Deflector is a complete solution that makes use of a unique audible alarm that can’t be ignored and a modular design that makes it possible to reinstate protection in only a few seconds.”


Many convenience stores offer a variety of goods and services supported by electronic systems, such as fuel, hot and cold beverages and snacks, lottery tickets and ATM cash dispensers. The POS and payment systems used for all transactions are also essential, as are back-office accounting and payroll systems. If a pump is bagged, the business risks losing sales as customers move on to a competitor down the road.


While every sensitive electronic system is vulnerable to power surges, spikes and disturbances, the nature of convenience stores and gas stations pose a particular risk. This is partly because fuel pumps are outdoors and relatively exposed to the elements and because of the communications cables that traverse from interior to exterior areas, providing additional transmission paths for damaging electrical surges.


The new Deflector-series configuration is designed to protect up to 12 fuel dispensers – or any mixture of 12 mission critical 120-volt device not exceeding 20 amps – using a single compact wall-mountable cabinet. For an operation with more than 12 essential devices, multiple cabinets can easily be installed to cover every system. The cabinet itself features a clear window that lets staff confirm protection status instantly and if replacement is needed, the rapid-replacement modules are easily serviced.


With its audible alarm, flashing LED indicator and remote notification capability, each Deflector-series module lets the user know in three ways when it requires attention. The DTK-DF120S12 Deflector Series Surge Protector provides advanced, isolated surge protection and noise filtering, yet is easy to monitor, easy to maintain and easy to replace protection modules without costly service interruptions.


If a Deflector protection module reaches end-of-life, the unit sounds a loud audible alarm and an LED flashes, indicating exactly which module needs to be replaced. Intelligent notification is also available via dry contacts which can be connected to alarm panels to alert central station monitoring that the module needs replacing.


“With the Deflector Series, you’ll always know when your surge protection requires attention. When it goes, you’ll hear it and see it. Our Rapid-Replacement Modules can be swapped literally in seconds,” said Mitchell. “No other surge protection solution combines this level of protection, with attention-getting LEDs, audible alarm and remote notification circuitry.”


The Deflector Series is UL1449 listed for surge protection, UL1283 listed for EMI/RFI noise filtering and has been certified to be safe with the highest possible ratings by UL.


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