Adding digital PIN locking to a school staff room or equipment store secures access


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Staff and school administrators can relax when they know private rooms and equipment stores are properly secured. Currently many teachers must carry around cumbersome keys to ensure pupils do not enter rooms which could put themselves or valuable school equipment at risk.

With Code Handle, this is possible without having to constantly lock and unlock doors by key. Instead, a PIN is all that is required.

Code Handle is a locking handle with built-in digital PIN keypad. It upgrades security at any private interior door that opens onto a public or busy space. You simply swap the existing door handle for a Code Handle to add digital PIN security without keys or any push-button mechanical lock.

Adding a Code Handle lock brings a sense of security and privacy to the staff room: Teachers can leave marked work or mobile phones safe in the knowledge no pupils may enter. A Code Handle makes it easy to separate pupil toilets from PIN-protected staff toilets. With Code Handle fitted to just a few important doors around the building, school principals can be sure sports equipment, musical instruments, cleaning stores and kitchens are protected against access or theft.

Authorised door users do not even need to remember to lock up: Code Handle locks itself when the door is closed — and for safety, allows simple, code-free exit from the inside.

Easy to retrofit to almost any internal door

A Code Handle can bring keyless, wire-free digital security without disrupting the school day. Fitting takes just two screws: An installer leaves the existing cylinder or lock in place and simply swaps the handle. It is easy even for non-specialists.

With the administrator’s Master Code, a school caretaker or office manager can issue up to nine different 4- to 6-digit PINs to authorised users — and amend or cancel PINs whenever they choose.

To power the lock’s digital security, standard batteries slot into the handle itself. There is no need to run cables to the door or to connect to the mains, nor to use any access control software. Batteries typically last 30,000 lock/unlock cycles before replacement: A visual indicator on the handle prompts when it is time. Code Handle is robust: fire door compliant (EN 1634) and with a certified lifetime of at least 100,000 operations.

Code Handle’s design also makes disinfecting easier. Unlike mechanical push-button PIN locks, a Code Handle has a smoother surface without corners or ridges. Germs have fewer places to hide. A disinfected damp cloth — no direct liquid spraying — is all you need to keep a Code Handle hygienic and school doors and stores secured.

To learn more about the Code Handle door lock, you can download a free flyer at:

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