Digital Barriers launches face mask detection and people counting solution to keep businesses COVID-19-secure

Digital Barriers

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Digital Barriers – provider of edge-intelligent surveillance and security technologies – have recently announced the release of a combined, real-time face mask detection and people counting solution.

Mask Detection and Xtras 2.0 is designed to help businesses such as retail stores, supermarkets, transportation hubs, restaurants and entertainment venues around the world to comply with national government guidelines around wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing.

By rapidly and remotely detecting missing face masks and monitoring occupancy levels, businesses have a quick and simple method to automate monitoring processes, all from a single solution.

Mask Detection and Xtras 2.0

The dual-purpose solution utilises the company’s video analytics to automatically screen individuals as they approach a store or designated location. The analytics dashboard then triggers a monitor to display a different instruction dependent on the situation, such as whether an individual is permitted entry based on capacity and as well as whether they are wearing an appropriate form of face covering.

Digital Barriers’ technology reduces the chance of confrontation towards staff and makes the process of staying COVID-compliant easier as it automates much of the monitoring process. Multiple entrances can be screened remotely, eliminating the need for security teams to be positioned at every entrance, allowing staff to be positioned more efficiently within the business.

Alerts can also be observed securely and in real-time from any connected device, with a vast array of reporting options including capacity levels and peak occupancy times as well as those observing face mask regulation available on demand.

“Technology will be key to keeping both customers and staff safe”

Zak Doffman, CEO at Digital Barriers, remarked: “With regulations constantly evolving, adopting a flexible and scalable technology will be key to keeping both customers and staff safe.

“With our combined mask detection and people counting solution, businesses can ensure COVID-secure guidelines are being adhered to at all times and that retail locations can continue to operate safely, particularly leading up to the busy Christmas period.”

Digital Barriers’ face mask detection and people counting solution can be deployed as a standalone system or as part of a network, linked to a centralised monitoring system.

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